Dell XPS12 – making the touchpad usable…

The joy… and disappointment! A while back I bought a Dell XPS12 laptop from the Dell Outlet Store. It’s really good – nicely made, great keyboard (to my mind), good spec, really thin and light, decent battery life. The only problem I found was that the touchpad is shocking. A few days in I even […]

Car handsfree/audio kits – my experiences

In a previous post, I gave an overview of a few different types of car handsfree kits that can also put MP3 players through your car speakers.  To recap, because I have a Vectra with a CD30 head unit without an aux input, I needed a completely self-contained unit that wouldn’t rely on making use […]

UK election manifesto comparisons

I’m turned off by politics because I generally feel like the parties just tend to put each other down in the media. The 2010 election seems to be an important one, though, so I’m keen to make my vote count. Because I’m not a big follower of politics, I need some help with this. Googling […]

Podcasts in the car!

I’ve got quite a decent-sized music collection and I follow quite a few podcasts.  Listening to CDs in the car is a bit frustrating because I’m not very good at getting round to switching the one in the player.  Because my commute is only about 25 minutes if I listen to the radio I generally […]

Arduino + Scalextric = lap counter

I bought an Arduino board last year and have been playing around with it on and off since.  I’ve had a few ideas for projects but not really got around to completing anything except monitoring my gas meter. For a few months I’ve been hankering after a scalextric (even before James May’s excellent Toy Stories […]


Refreshing the main blog page to see a new post appear, I notice that it’s blocked connecting to  I think I need to investigate caching the twitter posts in this plugin or it might become quite a pain.

Software plumbing.

After randomly surfing from twitter to blogs, I enjoyed reading one of Matt B’s posts about designing a system to deal with lots of text messages at the BBC.  Linking different software components and sources together like he described is something that really interests me.  I don’t think I’m hugely good at it, but there’s […]

New site!

So – a remodel is due!  Here’s my new site, based on wordpress.